Wendy Stanton is the head of Model Devotion, a modelling agency. A failed model herself, Stanton sought to gain access to the 'big-time' as an agency head, but had never made it, simply working in low-end catalogues, made even worse when her ex-partner Betty Greenacre's company received a contract for Milan Fashion Week. She was also known to con aspiring models out of approximately £1 000 each by claiming that she needed the money to set up a portfolio for the models, claiming that they would recoup the money on their first job, while really keeping the money for herself. She was extremely tight with money, keeping the money she made from the fake portfolios in a vault under her desk rather than putting it in a bank to avoid it being traced.

Stanton came to the group's attention when she conned Kasey Bond- the niece of barowner Eddie- out of £900 that her grandmother had left her as part of a fake portfolio, leaving Kasey hurt and humiliated at the harsh treatment she had received. Despite the fact that the group had just decided to attempt an elaborate scam involving conning three different marks at the same time with the same scam, they all agreed to Eddie's request to get back at Stanton for Kasey by including her in the scam. With Mickey posing as fashion designer Hilary King- 'the next King of fashion'-, he convinced Stanton that he wanted to use Kasey as the face of his new design range, 'UK Chic'. However, this release was hampered as King's main investor, 'Humps', required his idiotic younger brother to officially control the family finances, the brother having been arrested in Thailand and Humps now requiring £200 000 to bribe the Thai judiciary responsible to release him. Recalling fake advice given to her by a psychic recommended by Hilary's assistant, set up by the group to exploit Wendy's superstitious nature, to not hesitate when a financial matter came up, Stanton agreed to provide half of the £200 000 bribe money.

At the conclusion of the case, Stanton was not only informed that the ambassador had been arrested for trying to bribe a Thai official, but that Kasey had already signed a contract with Betty Greenace; Ash had recorded Stanton's attempts to 'sell' Kasey to King as a candidate for his campaign and subsequently passed the information on to Greenacre, having met Greenacre while posing as an industrial espionage agent.

Other MarksEdit

Variations on the Thai ambassador story were used on the other marks for this con- Jeremy Garrett, Stanley Mead and Viscount Manley-, although the precise reasons why each person needed to bribe the ambassador to gain bigger investments later were not elaborated on.

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