The Thieving Mistake
Series 06, Episode 02
Hustle The Thieving Mistake
Air Date 11 January 2010
Mark(s) Unknown
Writer Fintan Ryan
Previous And This Little Piggy Had Money
Next Tiger Troubles

The Thieving Mistake is the second episode of the sixth series which was broadcast for the first time on 11 January 2010.

Summary Edit

Albert has decided it's time for a break so he's off to Sin City to try his luck at the casinos, leaving the crew to fend for themselves in his absence.

At the airport, as they are seeing Albert off, the team are greeted by a familiar face, Liability Finch, a bumbling, ex-grifter mate of Ash's from back in the day, who needs their help retrieving a stolen painting from the locker he left it in at the departure airport.