The Road Less Travelled
Series 05, Episode 06
Hustle The Road Less Travelled
Air Date 12 February 2009
Mark(s) Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Politics
Next And This Little Piggy Had Money

The Road Less Travelled is the sixth episode of the fifth series which was first broadcast on 12 February 2009.

Summary Edit

Previous marks Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding look to con back their cash after Mickey and his crew took them for £500,000 in episode 26, "New Recruits".

Wood finds a handful of individuals who have been hustled by the crew and comes up with a plan to gain their cash back. He plants a fake mark in one of Albert's poker games and Mickey thinks they can con £4 million out of him. But the planted mark, Alfie Baron (Tom Goodman-Hill), is only up for the deal if the hustlers lay down £1 million. Has Mickey finally been beaten?

Last appearance of Carlton Wood & Harry Fielding

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