Susan was an old lover of Albert's from back in his glory days. Although she enjoyed the life with Albert, the two broke up after their attempts to buy a house were ruined when Albert competed in a high-stakes poker game and drew a bad card, subsequently losing all of the money they'd put together to make the offer on the house.

As Susan was getting on the plane to leave, she discovered that she was pregnant, but never bothered to get back in touch with Albert as she felt that he couldn't be an effective provider for their child given his gambling lifestyle, although she never stopped loving Albert. She married another man when her daughter, Kathleen, was four, telling Kathleen stories about Albert when the two were alone to avoid causing friction with her husband.

After her husband died, Susan returned to London to try and make contact with Albert, satisfying Kathleen's wish to know her father. Unfortunately, although Albert and Kathleen quickly hit it off, Albert was late to say goodbye to them when they left London the following night as he got caught up in a poker game with the rest of the gang, arriving at their hotel a mere ten minutes after they left.