Return of the Prodigal
Series 05, Episode 01
Hustle Return of the Prodigal
Air Date 8 January 2009
Mark(s) Sara Naismith
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Big Daddy Calling
Next New Recruits

Return of the Prodigal is the first episode of the fifth series which was first broadcast on 8 January 2009.

Summary Edit

Mickey returns to London to find his crew has been cut down thanks to the credit crunch. After speaking to his mentor Albert (who is in prison) learns of some property developers who want to make some easy money—Sara Naismith, and her assistant Aaron.

Posing as city traders, Mickey and Ash offer her the chance to join an insider dealing scam. Making the situation worse, a ruthless gangster is on the hunt for two grifters who conned him a while back. But when the con starts to unravel, has Mickey met his match, or has someone been playing them all? In this episode Ash reveals that he had attempted to reunite Danny & Stacey to the crew but they were still away grifting in America.

Return of Michael Stone and first appearance of Sean Kennedy & Emma Kennedy