Price for Fame
Series 03, Episode 01
Air Date 10 March 2006
Mark(s) Benny Frazier
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Eye of the Beholder
Next The Henderson Challenge

Price for Fame was the first episode of the third series which aired on March 10th 2006.

Synopsis Edit

The crew are back and working their way back up after losing everything in a brief spell in Las Vegas.

Their second mark (The original target having had a heart attack before the con could begin), a people-trafficker called Benny Frazier, will do anything for his son, an aspiring rap artist. The con is set, but has the "mark" caught on?

Full Plot Edit

Back from a spell in Las Vegas - a very expensive one, thanks to a mistake by Danny - the team are strapped for cash and desperate to get back into the game. Their first big mark is Benny Frazier, an obnoxious pub owner who smuggles in illegal refugees to work for him. The apple of his eye is his son Joey, who's a wannabe rap artist.

Joey's keen to hit the big time as a British Eminem - and the most talentless fool Mickey and the gang have ever had the pleasure to con. Never one to turn down a challenge, Albert ropes Benny in by telling him about a friend who's big in the record industry. When he's introduced, Danny speaks before putting his brain in gear as usual. He promises not only to take Joey to the exclusive and prestigious MOBOs - but to get his demo played on Radio 1! After blagging entry into the MOBOs, Ash hunts down a rather tipsy Sara Cox and sneakily stashes a copy of Joey's single in her handbag.

Posing as a big shot American hip hop record producer, Mickey is the man that is going to make Benny's son's dream come true. Thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with his idols and industry moguls, Joey's brimming with joy. When Joey's record is played on Radio 1, Benny is putty in their hands. Having gained his trust, Mickey convinces Benny into parting with £100,000 to get Joey's record promotions going. However, Benny catches on to the con, and it's up to Ash to hatch a plan B - with a little help from the boys in blue.

Trivia and notes Edit

  • This episode features a cameo by Sara Cox.