Emily Shaw was a childhood friend of Stacie Monroe's who ran a charity organisation.

When she withdrew a large cash sum from the charity's finances to pay for a school in Africa, she was accused by the Weekend World newspaper of stealing, the newspaper's 'apology' consisting of a single paragraph on page 9 of a later edition. Devastated at the accusation, Emily jumped off a bridge into the Thames, subsequently being left in a coma in hospital, with the Weekend World staff's response being to run an article 'implying' that Emily had committed the original crime.

Determined to avenge her friend, Stacie and the gang set up an elaborate con to convince editor Francis Owen and journalist resposible for the article that the Queen Mother had been replaced by an imposter, presenting Albert as the son of the fake. Although the staff attempted to cheat the gang out of the money they should have received for the story, Mickey was still able to beat them by making a deal with the Sunday Express to expose the story as a fake in exchange for a fee, the fee being donated to Emily's charity.

Shortly after the story was run, Emily came out of her coma, being highly satisfied at the news of the fate that had befallen her accusers and grateful for the donation Stacie offered to her charity.

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