Carol was a grifter who sometimes worked with the main team. In her time, she was responsible for cons that Mickey identified as the 'Downing Street Switch', the 'London Eye Float', and a Bearer Bonds scam in 2000. Her career apparently started young, as she was responsible for taking Mad Mikey Frasier for £10 when she was five years old. Her abilities had apparently declined in recent years, but she was still highly regarded and appreciated by those in the grifting field, assisting the gang in a scam where she pretended to 'remember' Sean as a card-counter during a poker game so that they could take his opponent's gaming chips and replace them with fakes.

When Carol suffered a heart attack due to 'Doctors' Dean and Dana Deville and their phony 'Eat Yourself Slender' plan, the gang set up two cons to trick the Devilles out of over £300 000 for a fake weight-loss drug and a false Faberge egg. During her recovery, Carol bonded with Eddie when he visited her in hospital, with the suggestion that the two would continue their relationship after she left hospital.