Billy Bond
Aliases Unknown
Occupation Grifter
Series information
First Seen Signing Up To Wealth
Episode count 5
Portrayer Ashley Walters

Billy Bond joined in series 4 after Michael Stone (temporarily) departed the group. Before joining the Hustle crew he worked the short con on the streets and claims that Danny Blue was the only con artist able to teach him anything, hence his ambition to join the crew. He describes himself as "a work of art, a force of nature" who can "separate a mark from his money quicker than any man alive".

He spent most of his formative years in and out of foster homes. He fell into a bad crowd and was involved with gangs and drug dealing before finding his skill as a grifter. He feels a sense of injustice about the world and grifting is his way of fighting back.

He can see the beauty that exists in a perfectly executed con and has studied the art of the great con-men. He has the spirit and energy to be a great grifter - now he wants the wisdom that comes with experience.

He did not return for the fifth series and no explanation was given.

The Hustle gang
Current: Michael StoneAsh MorganSean KennedyEmma KennedyAlbert Stroller

Former: Danny BlueStacie MonroeBilly Bond

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