Big Daddy Calling
Series 04, Episode 06
Hustle Big Daddy Calling
Air Date 7 June 2007
Mark(s) Johnny Maranzano
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous Conning the Artists
Next Return of the Prodigal

Big Daddy Calling is the sixth and last episode of the fourth series which was first broadcast on 7 June 2007.

Summary Edit

The team fly out to grifters heaven, Las Vegas, when they find out Albert's been beaten up by Mafia boss, Johnny Maranzano.

The revenge - the apple of Johnny's eye - Big Daddy fruit machine with a $5 million jackpot. Can they find a way of robbing a casino that never closes and is under 24/7 security without getting caught or, worse still, getting killed...?

Second episode to not feature Eddie, last regular appearance of Danny Blue and Stacie Monroe and the last appearance of Billy Bond.

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