Benny is a con artist who used to work closely with Mickey in the 1990s. Benny had amazing card skills and the group were saddened to hear of his death.However, on returning from his funeral, Ash ran into a man who looked strikingly like Benny, chased him and got a surprise.

Benny had faked his own death to escape a violent loan shark Danush, who had tortured him by ripping out some of his teeth. Naturally, Ash bring Benny back to the penthouse where Mickey, Albert and the rest of the gang are willing to help him. They set a plan in motion, but there's a sting in the tail when it's revealed Benny had been cheating the gang all along as revenge for Mickey choosing Ash over him in the crew.

Danush, whose real name is LLoyd, had been helping him and Benny had organised the fake funeral to draw them in. But, Benny made a mistake by showing off his card tricks in front of Eddie, a skill he claimed he lost when he was speaking to Ash. The crew then found out his plan and turned the con around on him, Mickey informing Benny that he had chosen Ash because, while Benny was the more skilled grifter overall, capable of playing multiple roles such as the roper or the fixer, Mickey concluded that Ash was the better man, Benny being more of a solo operative while Ash was a better team player who could be counted on to keep his word. Benny was then forced to leave the country as he had (ironically) borrowed money from a gangster loan shark.

He first appears in "Benny's Funeral".