And This Little Piggy Had Money
Series 06, Episode 01
Hustle And This Little Piggy Had Money
Air Date 4 January 2010
Mark(s) Edmund Richardson
Writer Tony Jordan
Previous The Road Less Travelled
Next The Thieving Mistake

And This Little Piggy Had Money is the first episode of the sixth series which was first broadcast on 4 January 2010.

Summary Edit

The Hustle gang are back in business, ready to take each and every cheat, liar or criminal for all they've got.

Just as the team are finishing with one genius con where Emma is posing as pop princess Kylie Minogue, Albert is out finding and priming the next unsuspecting mark - ex-banker Piggy Richardson (Patrick Ryecart), who has been hounded by the press after a very public pension scandal, only for matters to become complicated when a female DCI takes an interest in their activities

First appearance of DCI Lucy Britford.